What Are Web Scripting Viruses? How To Detect And Remove It

There are few website that execute complex code with the purpose to provide interesting content. You can take for example the execution of online videos that need implementation of particular code language to play the video and to help one who is using the video. Nowadays, these codes often get exploited and due to this a virus becomes able to infect a machine and to take actions on a machine via website. This particular virus is called web scripting virus. It is said that malicious websites are being created with forced infected code, but in most cases virus exist when a code is being inserted in a site without the notification of the webmaster. The attacked site remains transparent in the process. Under the commandeer web control the fake input takes position and when a user provide with username and password the imperceptible frame hijack all these information.


Here are a few facts about web scripting virus that webmasters should know to be on the safe side.

  • This type of virus generally originate within admired websites that are being used for social networking purposes, to get user reviews, wikis, web-mail, chat room and message board.
  • Scripting virus can occur at any point of time because the vulnerability that is required for propagation of the virus is found in maximum websites.
  • This type of virus is able to propagate bit faster than any other virus like Blaster, Code Red and Slammer.
  • Scripting virus can generate web based browser Botnet to enable enormous DDoS attack. The virus is potential enough to send spam, damage data and to defraud different customers.
  • This virus can propagate using the JAVA script RRS feed of a third party user. It can also explore other’s advertising banners, traffic counters, poll blocks and weather.
  • It sometime seems difficult to spot the virus because the network performance of the attacked virus remains almost unchanged. Often the Java script code becomes hard to differentiate from general web-page mark up.
  • The good news is that it is easy to stop this virus if compared wit traditional web viruses because if a user denies access to the affected website, can easily prevent the spread.

Detection and symptoms:

If your system has been afflicted buy scripting virus you will se the following symptoms:

  • ·Yahoo and Google search will be re-directed. Homepage of web browser, desktop background often get changed automatically.
  • ·The virus slow down the performance of the machine and a user feels it has got stuck. This includes slow down of opening programs and frequent shut down of the machine.


Using Microsoft tool is the safe, secure and simple option to get rid of scripting viruses. The process of running the software is easy. This application comes default with windows Vista, Windows 2000, and windows 7. If you are using any of the versions you can run the removal tools easily. Just select the RUN button, move to start menu and then type MRT. Then click next, select either full scan or quick scan, again click next, observe the prompts, at last click finish and finally restart the machine.

After the completion of the process, the system will thoroughly be free of scripting virus.

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