How to Fix Registry Errors In Windows Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8 and 8.1 rely upon the registry in order to function properly. Without a registry, PCs would be nothing more than paperweights. The registry contains vital information on system settings, hardware, and software. Problems with the registry can wreak havoc on a machine, depending on their severity. Typically, registry errors are responsible for misbehaving PCs. Malware and viruses are often the culprit for errors.

What causes registry errors?

A number of simple things can cause small registry errors. For instance, installing a new program or uninstalling an old one can fragment the registry. Even a simple shutdown due to loss of power can create these errors. Most registry errors caused by these situations and others are harmless. However, errors crafted by viruses and malware are a much more serious situation. Certain errors can permanently damage a PC in this case.

Here’s a quick look at how users can fix registry errors in Windows 8/8.1:

Backup and Restore The Registry

For this repair, users will have to open the registry. They can then save a copy of the registry and export it to another location. A Windows 8 user will then have to boot their computer into Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, the error-free registry can be imported to wipe out existing problems. Only advanced users should try this solution because some manipulation of the Command Prompt is necessary.

Use The System Restore Feature

System Restore allows users to reset their computer to a previous state. In most cases, a Windows 8 PC will create restore points every few days. This solution requires opening the System Restore program. Users must then choose a restore point from before registry errors started affecting the machine. After this process has finished, most systems will return to a normal with a repaired registry.

Use A Program to Fix The Registry

Many third-party companies offer programs that are designed to fix the registry. Users simply download the program and start a registry scan. From there, all errors are fixed by the program – in theory. A given Windows 8 or 8.1 user should be careful about which programs they trust to handle this task.

Most Registry Errors Are Harmless!

The average Windows 8 PC is operating with registry errors right now. Some fairly simple incidents can cause these errors. In the end, a machine won’t start to experience problems until affected by malware or viruses. These threats will cause serious errors that degrade the performance of a machine. It’s at this point that users will know something needs to be done to repair the registry!

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