Desktop Security scanning, cleaning and protecting

Let’s face it when you first purchased your desktop computer, you were blazing around and thought life couldn’t be better. You begin downloading all your favorite programs that you need to function and soon you notice your computer is slowing down. It does not seem to have the same kick it did just a few months earlier. In fact, you begin to notice your Internet connection is slow as well, and you are getting more spam mail than ever. What is happening is your computer has spyware and the answer is to use spyware blockers to keep it off your computer.

Desktop Security Scanning

One of the ways in which to protect your computer from malware and viruses is by installing and using a desktop security program. You should make sure the program updates the definitions regularly because if it does not, then it is useless. Protecting your computer from viruses is one of the best ways you can keep your files and information safe. Remember a virus’ main objective is to do harm to your system or steal personal information; spyware on the other hand is out to gather your movements on the Internet and collect information.

Most computer users that use Windows based machines have some kind of spyware. In fact, one study found that as many as 80 percent of home users had spyware on their computers. This spyware is actually programs and some of them use a lot of you system resources to run, which means that less of the system resources are going to your programs.

In addition, most people have more than just one spyware program, so soon you have all sorts of spyware programs using your systems resources and before you know it, your computer is barely moving at all. Moreover, this affects your Internet connection because all of these spyware applications are trying to collect information on your movements. At this point, many people just opt for a new computer, when the only thing wrong with it is it has spyware on it and it is easy to remove.

Spyware Removal

There are many spyware removal programs available from free to paid versions. The free versions are many times just as good as the paid and sometimes even better. The fact is, you need to run one or more of the spyware removal programs to delete it all spyware viruses. Run the spyawre removal programs several times and make sure your desktop security is up to date.

Next, you need review some spyware blockers so that you can lessen your likelihood of being infected with spyware. You need to choose one that is very reliable because if it is not doing its job, then you might as well not have the spyware blockers at all. Many of the anti-spyware programs also have the scanner so you may just need to get the anti-spyware and then you can scan your system.

The spyware alerts you to any tracking cookies or toolbars that are trying to attach themselves to your browser. Spyware programs reduce the risk of security holes in your browser by keep the spyware from downloading itself onto your computer. However, regardless of how good the spyware removal program is that you choose, some amount of spyware will get through to your system because spyware if ever changing and quite tricky. Therefore, you will need to run your scanner manually at least once a week if you use the Internet a lot.

Final Desktop Security Thoughts

When it comes to spyware blockers and desktop security programs, you need to have both in place to keep your system running at top speed. Remember, regardless of how good your anti-spyware program is, you will still need to run your scanner manually in order to remove any spyware that slipped through. With the number of tools available to protect the PC, there is no reason to live with a slow computer, within a couple hours, your computer can be running fast, as it did when you first bought it.

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