What Is The Action Center In Windows 8? Can It Be Disabled?

In Windows 8, the Action Center is a security and maintenance console. It provides security and other notifications in a centralized location. Users can access the console at the touch of a button to address concerns. Fortunately, notifications are given in a simple and manageable list view. Windows XP featured an early version of this software, which has gone through various changes since then. Action Center is enabled by default in Windows 8 and 8.1 today.

What is the purpose of the Action Center?

Through the Action Center, users receive notifications on various aspects of their machine. The software ensures that anti-spyware and anti-virus programs are updated to their current versions. If Windows updates are available, then the console prompts users to download the updates. Also, Windows Errors Reporting notifications encourage users to send error reports to Microsoft. Action Center in Windows 8 now monitors storage space, startup apps, and other functions, too.

Is the Action Center necessary?

Action Center has grown to include a few automatic processes. Otherwise, the program simply notifies users of actions they should take. Users that don’t heed these messages can put their systems at risk to viruses and other threats. Windows 8 and 8.1 users that know little about security and maintenance should keep this program. However, advanced users don’t necessarily need Action Center because it’s a notification console more than anything else.

Disabling The Action Center

Unfortunately, users cannot disable the Action Center altogether. It is possible to disable its notifications, though. From the Action Center window, an individual must click Change Action Center settings. The next window contains Security messages and Maintenance messages. All check boxes under these categories should be unchecked. By turning off messages, Windows 8 users won’t receive notifications from the Action Center.

Protecting A Machine Without The Action Center

Without this program, users will need to monitor their own programs and security. A given person might need to check individual programs for updates. Security vulnerabilities will have to be found and rectified manually. For advanced users, such tasks aren’t that difficult or challenging. It’s important to utilize programs and software that feature automatic updating. Action Center becomes less important when updates are automatic without user input after all.

Although Action Center can’t be disabled in Windows 8, the program can be silenced. Either way, most computer users will want to utilize Action Center. It provides useful notifications of outdated security protocols and other system issues. Far too many users forget about these things if they don’t receive notifications. In the end, only advanced users should turn off messages from the Action Center.

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