What is Phishing? How you can stay away from it?

Phishing is a relatively new concept that has entered in the new age of internet. Phishing is the act of trying to retrieve information from a concerned computer user. Most people consider Phishing as a type of security threat that poses a huge risk to concerned computer users all over the world. Phishing is concerned to be a real threat for both the technologically perceptive users as well as the novice system users. In order to understand the act of Phishing, it is necessary to have vast experience as well as a well-informed vision. Phishing works on the concept of trying to make use of computer tricks in order to obtain vital and sensitive information.

Types of Information Hacked

The vital and sensitive information that can be obtained with Phishing are enlisted below:

  • Account Names
  • Home Addresses
  • Email Addresses
  • Credit card Number
  • SNN (Social Security Number)
  • General Contact Details

Apart from the above-highlighted information facts, Phishing also aims to retrieve pin numbers as well. It is possible to stay away from Phishing, by adhering to a few steps. It is always recommended to go through the terms and conditions section of a website prior signing up. Most of the websites clearly mentions not to reveal the password to a third person. Such a privacy policy thus makes it mandatory for the user to keep the password highly secure. If one desires to stay away from Phishing, then it is always advisable to read the email carefully. Phishing emails always aim to redirect one to fake websites that are necessarily in another domain.

Methods of Phishing

Links that necessarily redirect one to another domain should be blocked without the least delay. Emails that specifically aim to gain trust from individuals need to be avoided under all possible circumstances. Emails sent under the title US state lottery scheme are generally fraud and hence should be avoided under all possible circumstances. One of the other common ways to hack personal information and details is the regular pop ups on a few sites. Such pop ups claming to provide cash amounts should be ignored under all possible situations.

Precautionary Steps to Stay Away from Phishing

It is necessary to take into account the below-mentioned points if one desires to stay away from Phishing.

  • Make Use of a Virtual Keyboard
  • Verify SSL Certificate of the Concerned Website
  • Never Type Password on Pop-up Windows
  • Check Domain Name and https Protocol

One can also take a few other precautionary steps in order to stay away from Phishing. It is always recommended to review the credit card and the other bank details.

Regular monitoring of credit card and bank accounts make sure that one is rest assured of the fact that no one is gaining unauthorized access from the bank account of the concerned individual. It is also necessary to make sure that the browser is up to date and the concerned security patches are applied in an appropriate manner. To know more about the security measures it is necessary to launch an exhaustive internet research.

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