Top 5 Android Security Apps.

The data stored in the mobile phones are as important as the data stored in the hard drive of the computer system. One cannot afford to lose the contact details, the text messages and the other important notes saved ion the mobile phones.So you need to take equal care in protecting your mobile phones like your computer system. With the increased cyber crimes, there are many ways in which the hackers attack your smart phones.

The Android phones are considered to be more vulnerable than any other phones, so these phones has to be well secured to avoid any malware attacks. Installing a security app can be the most effective way to prevent any attacks to your mobile phones. Security apps are a software application used to prevent any security flaws in the application.

Best 5 Android Security Apps:

  • Lookout Mobile security
  • Norton mobile security
  • AVG antivirus
  • WaveSecure Mobile Security
  • NetQin Anti virus

Lookout Mobile Security:

This is the most recommended security apps for android phones. It comes in two variants such as free version and premium version. The free account allows you to scan the phone device for malware, helps in restoring data in online and also helps to locate the lost phone by using GPS. If you need the premium version, you have to spend $3 per month and enjoy the services.

With this premium version, you can have the advantage of remote locking and get primary advice. This gives you information on the security level of all the applications you use in the phone.

Norton Mobile security:

This security app gives you an option of remote locking and wipes your phone with text message. You can also lock the SIM card so that the thief cannot switch it with any other phone. This also helps in scanning the phone for malware.

AVG Antivirus:

This is the best antivirus tool for computers and now it’s available for android phones also. With this AVG antivirus, you can make a comprehensive scan for your apps, settings, media and other phone contents. This allows you to lock the desired apps with the passwords. This is known as the Applocker which comes with the paid version of AVG antivirus app.

WaveSecure Mobile Security:

This offers features very similar to Norton mobility services. For using all the features, you need to purchase it for $20 for a year. But unlike the Norton security app, this does not allow you to scan your phone for malware. Instead this enables you to take a back up for all data and helps in restoring it to another device. You can also install the “WaveSecure UninstallProtection”, which will not allow the attacker to uninstall the security app without entering a password.

NetQin Antivirus:

Similar to lookout mobile antivirus, this security app also concentrates more on tracing the lost phone. With this application, you can track your phone, delete the data and also set an alarm. If you are a person who loses phone very often, this is the best security app for you.



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