Top 10 Malwares that could cause a considerable damage to you system data

Malware infect nearly ninety percent of computers in modern days. There is no denying the fact that malware can adversely affect computer program files as well as other documents. This specific malware can pose problem related to junk email and pop-up adverts. Malware pose a serious threat and steal important information including bank details, credit card details and passwords as well. Generally, ten top Malwares can cause considerable damage to a particular computer system. The ten top Malwares can be enlisted as below:

  • ·N-Case
  • ·Gator
  • ·CoolWebSearch
  • ·Transponder
  • ·KeenValue
  • ·Internet Optimizer
  • ·TIBS Dialer
  • ·Perfect KeyLogger
  • ·ISTbar/Aupdate
  • ·PurtyScan

Internet Optimizer

The primary role of Internet Optimizer is to take effective control of a particular computer system. Internet Optimizer takes desired control of the homepage as well. Internet Optimizer transports an individual to its own specific webpage and hence load huge amount of malware as well.

TIBS Dialer

TIBS Dialer is yet another type of malware that can cause considerable damage to a specific computer unit. TIBS dialer is undoubtedly a nasty piece of software that can cause considerable malware problems.

Perfect KeyLogger

Perfect KeyLogger is certainly a harmful malware and is in fact a destructive form of coding. Perfect KeyLogger is responsible for communicating personal information. The personal information is sent back to the concerned creator.


PurtyScan is one of the ten top Malwares that is available in a pop-up advertisement. PurtyScan undoubtedly demands attention as one can find pornographic content on a particular system. One can easily delete the existing pornographic content on a specific computer system.


ISTbar/Aupdate is a specific type of malware that holds a similar to a tool bar. There is little doubt about the truth that ISTbar/Aupdate is one of the embarrassing types of Malwares available.  ISTbar/Aupdate is responsible for sending pop-up advertisements that displays pornographic images on a specific computer system.


Gator is a common type of computer malware that keeps track of online browsing. A system infected with Gator malware displays banner advertisements. Banner advertisements help to catch the attention of a concerned computer user. Gator infects computer systems while sharing files on Kazaa. Gator also infects computer systems while one tries to download freebies from particular random sites.

N-Case Cause Considerable Damage to Computer Systems

N-Case is another type of Malware that enters into specific computer systems. N-Case malware generally enters specific computer systems through downloading freeware online. N-Case is responsible for bombarding specific computer systems by means of continuous pop-advertisements.

CoolWebSearch-Another Common Type of Malware

CoolWebSearch is an ordinary type of Malware that is responsible for hijacking specific internet settings. CoolWebSearch redirects the user to its own webpage after hijacking specific internet settings. After hijacking specific internet settings, the webpage is loaded with Spyware and other types of Malwares.


Transponder is yet another form of Malware, specifically designed to monitor internet usage. Transponder adapts with specific advertisements that bombards specific interests.

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