ThreatFire AntiVirus

Formerly known as CyberHawk,Threatfire antivirus is designed by Threatfire who bases the design on behavior of application. It protects against Trojans, viruses, spywares and other dangerous attacks. Even without relying on standard signature updates, the program has performed marvelously. By analyzing continuously the way applications and process behave in a system, it alerts the user effectively in case of any suspicious activity so as to block or allow.

Even though it is so effective by itself, ThreatFire can be combined with other traditional antivirus and firewall softwares to make it a full featured suite. This will make your computer impenetrable to cyber attacks. Installing and configuring it is very simple, users just need to customize the installed component as required for enhanced protection.

Distinguishing features

Unlike other antivirus softwares, ThreatFire Antivirus applies a unique technology to detect the deceptiveness of viruses. Other antiviruses must have the virus definition in its database for it to detect and process a virus, this takes time to write and install allowing for a window that viruses can use to completely immobilize your computer.

It is very user friendly, simple and effective. It protects computers against both common virus infections and threats like keyloggers, buffer overflow and rootkits. On detecting a threat, this tool provides an alert with details of the threat. However on detecting a known threat, the program quarantines it immediately protecting the computer effectively, but for new or unknown threats, the program alert the user and asks for an action. With the detailed information about threats, any user can decide from this whether to allow or quarantine the reported threat.

The antivirus is compatible with the common operating systems and runs only on a 15MB disk space, it comes with an additional benefit of on demand scan making it easy for the user to manage.


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