How to Start Your Windows 8 or 8.1 Computer in Safe Mode

Windows 8 features complex processes that don’t always get along with each other. Sometimes, all of that hardware and software can conflict or cause problems. Even advanced users can experience problems trying to troubleshoot a malfunctioning system. Microsoft includes Safe Mode in its latest operating system to help the troubleshooting process along. However, a user needs to know how to boot into Safe Mode to take advantage of its features.

What is Safe Mode?

A computer in Safe Mode utilizes necessary hardware and software but nothing else. Unnecessary programs or processes are disabled by default in this mode. Therefore, users can start to figure out what’s wrong with their machine by enabling individual programs. Windows users have utilized Safe Mode to troubleshoot PCs for years now, and it’s obvious that Windows 8 would contain this mode for the same purpose.

Method #1: Hold Shift While Hitting Restart

From the login screen, users can shut down or restart their machines. If a user holds Shift while hitting Restart, then the system will display troubleshooting options at startup. Safe Mode is one of these options, and users will then find themselves running this mode. Currently, a more simple option for accessing Safe Mode isn’t available, and this solution requires mere moments. An individual must remember to hold the Shift key rather than pressing it, though.

Method #2: Enable Safe Mode In Windows Startup Settings

Windows 8 and 8.1 features a troubleshooting menu. By searching for and accessing this menu, users can head to Advanced Options. They must then hit Windows Startup Settings and hit the Restart button. The system will reboot and present users with the troubleshooting startup menu. After hitting Safe Mode, a system will then start directly into this mode. Such a solution requires a few extra steps, but users wind up with the same result.

Always Troubleshoot With Safe Mode!

Few troubleshooting options are more effective in Windows 8 than Safe Mode. Windows 8 and 8.1 users alike can use these methods to reach Safe Mode. At that point, an individual can figure out what’s wrong with their machine. A little extra knowledge is required to troubleshoot in Safe Mode, and knowledgeable users can find whatever is causing system issues. Safe Mode is a simple yet effective tool that many users consider a staple of Windows OS.
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