The Difference Between Spyware and Virus Removers

Many people believe that if they have a firewall, they are safe from attacks. However, this is only one piece of the puzzle you need in order to keep your computer running fast and to keep your information safe. Antivirus programs help to keep your system free of viruses, while spyware blockers keep your system safe from spyware. All of the three work together in keeping your computer secure and safe.

Spyware Removers

Spyware is a program that attaches itself to various programs that you download. The entire purpose of the spyware is to track your Internet usage and by doing so many of the spyware programs being sending you Spam. Therefore, if you have noticed an increase in spam, chances are you have spyware. What’s more, spyware is a program and all programs on your computer use your system resources, therefore it is helping itself to your computer’s resources, which ultimately take away from the power you need for your own programs.

No one ever has just one piece of spyware, computers over time can become infected with spyware and thus, slow your system down, and ultimately affect your Internet speed. When you use spyware blockers, it blocks the spyware from attaching to your browser and installing on your computer. Although, spyware is clever and constantly changing, so you will want to run the spyware scanner in order to remove any spyware that did make it through the anti-spyware blocker at least once each week.

In the end, spyware does in fact wreak havoc on your computer because it slows it down. However, spyware’s ultimate goal is not malicious as much as they want to spy on your Internet usage. The problem of course happens when many spyware programs download to your computer, which is what ultimately slows it down.

Virus Removers

With viruses that are completely different than spyware because, a virus’ main objective is to do harm to your computer system. In addition, Trojan horses can disguise itself as a useful program, such as free music, the user has no idea that they also downloaded a Trojan and it begins to work in the background by gaining access to your personal information such as credit card information, driver’s license, and social security number.

This is where antivirus firewall software comes in and why it is so important. Your firewall protects you from vicious attacks when you are connected to a network, your antivirus software runs 24 hours everyday in order to keep out viruses that are ever so sneaky at trying to make their way on your computer. Some virus’s main goal is to totally destroy your hard drive and take everything with it such as your files, documents, music, and photos. Other viruses want to gather private information as in the case of the Trojan.

Your Best Defense

Your best defense again both spyware and viruses is to make good use of spyware blockers and antivirus firewall software programs because these can keep your computer running smoothly and keep the attacks at bay.

For antivirus and firewalls, you need to make sure you have one that is constantly updating. New viruses are released almost daily, so your antivirus protection needs to be out there looking for new viruses and creating the protect to send to you to download by way of a definition. Likewise, your firewall also needs to be updated on a regular basis and if you run Windows, you can use its built-in firewall and turn it to update automatically to ensure you are always up to day.

While spyware blockers and antivirus firewall software are very different, they have one major component that is similar and that is to protect your computer. This allows your computer continues to operate at top speed and top performance and is not bogged down with spyware or worse, viruses. Keeping yourself safe on the Internet is vital and therefore, you should not download anything that is not a trusted piece of software or document.
by sam.s

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