Windows Defender: Scan and Remove Viruses In Windows 8

Microsoft appeared to push Windows Defender aside after its introduction in Windows 7. However, the company upgraded that very program for use in Windows 8. Antivirus features were built into the antispyware platform to improve security on PCs. Defender provides real-time, active protection against threats. Then again, all users can scan for viruses and spyware at the touch of a button. Threats are identified during these scans and removed after completion of this process.

Here’s an overview of how to use Defender to remove viruses in Windows 8:

Step One: Open Windows Defender!

Type “Defender” into the search menu, and Windows Defender should appear. When you click on the program, it will launch within a few seconds. Sometimes, users receive an error message here, stating that the program is not active. This could mean that another antivirus program is enabled on that particular system. You will have to enable Defender if that’s the case. Otherwise, you can proceed once the program has launched.

Step Two: Hit Scan Options and Choose A Scan Type.

Selecting “Scan Options” will prompt for a Quick, Full, or Custom scan. A Quick scan targets likely virus locations and all open processes. On the other hand, a Full scan combs through the entire system looking for viruses and spyware. A Custom scan allows you to choose where the program looks for threats. Most users will want to select Quick scan in order to avoid bogging down their machine. For Full scan, the program consumes a lot of resources and memory.

Step Three: Let the scan run and then automatically remove threats.

The average scan should only last 10 to 15 minutes, although scan times will vary. Throughout this process, Windows Defender attempts to find known viruses. Spyware and malware are targeted, too. Users will be notified of any threats that are located in their system. You should let the entire scan run without interruption for the best results. After the scan is completed, Defender will remove viruses and other threats automatically.

With Defender, you can set a scan schedule to automate this process. A manual scan from time to time never hurts either. It’s important to use this program to identify and remove viruses or other security threats. Fortunately, Microsoft has made Defender a complete security suite that can handle most threats to a system with ease. All you need to do is run a scan and let the program bump threats from the PC.

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