Reviewing Defender For Windows 8/8.1

All computers need antivirus protection to avoid security threats. Otherwise, computer users open themselves up to various issues and consequences. Microsoft packages Defender, an antivirus program, with each copy of Windows 8 and 8.1 today. The software isn’t perfect, but it provides basic protection for systems. Like any program, Defender features its benefits and disadvantages compared to competing software.

Check out this review to figure out if Defender is worth using!

A Quick Summary of Defender’s Features

Defender is an antivirus and antispyware security suite. The program provides real-time protection against threats from various sources. Currently, Windows 8 features this security suite by default, so users don’t have to download anything. Automatic updates are available for security definitions, too. Millions of PCs are protected by Defender, but it features some shortcomings that users should know about.

Performance and System Load

Since Defender comes with Windows 8, it’s optimized for performance on PCs. Users won’t notice a huge load on their system while running Defender. During a full scan, the program utilizes few system resources and completes scanning quickly. Threats are detected and removed without bothering the user. Each scan comes with a summary report, and few programs operate more smoothly than Defender right now.

Virus and Spyware Protection

For virus and spyware protection, Defender will catch major security threats with ease. Virus and other definitions are updated by Microsoft frequently, so users aren’t left vulnerable to threats for too long. Independent testing has shown that Defender can miss smaller, less-known threats, though. Despite being backed by Microsoft, this particular program doesn’t guarantee protection from all threats.

Defender Compared To The Competition

Competing security suites come with more features than Defender. AVG Antivirus and Avast Antivirus are two free options with countless features. On top of that, these programs offer active protection while browsing the Internet. They even protect machines against malware and feature higher rates of catching threats. It’s hard to recommend Defender over these programs and others today.

Then again, Windows Defender is designed for general computer users that don’t always focus on security. The program does its job and doesn’t hinder system performance while in use. Other antivirus programs come with more features and more thorough protection, though. For advanced users, another antivirus program is recommended, such as Avast or AVG Antivirus. No antivirus program is perfect, and Defender falls short on a couple of important measurements.

Still, the program is the perfect solution for basic Windows 8 users.

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