Reasons for Conducting a Social Security Number Search

Any person who has ever used the internet, whether for business or personal reasons, can attest to the incredible volume of information available at one’s fingertips.  The mere click of a mouse or touch of a keyboard can bring the user face to face with enormous volumes of highly valuable information, including the ability to conduct a detailed Social Security # search.

There are of course many reasons why a business or an individual would need to conduct such a Social Security # search.  One of the most common reasons for such a Social Security # search is to verify the legal employability status of job applicants.  With the penalties for hiring illegal immigrants being increased, it is more important than ever before for company owners, hiring managers and others to make doubly sure that those hired are legally entitled to work in the United States.

Unfortunately for those employers, it can be extremely difficult to tell just by looking if the documents presented at the time of application are real or forgeries.  Conducting a thorough Social Security # search can help reveal if the Social Security number presented by the applicant is a real Social Security number or a number belonging to another individual.  Using another individual’s Social Security number is one of the most common ways illegal immigrants get around the current law, and this makes a thorough Social Security # search an important double check on the part of employers.

In addition to screening new employees using a Social Security # search, more and more companies are choosing to screen their current employees as well.  This type of staff screening can be very valuable, and it can help the companies involved to avoid any potential legal or tax implications that come from unwittingly employing illegal workers.

Of course it is not only large employers with hundreds or thousands of employees who need to be careful about who they hire.  Even individuals who hire babysitters, nannies, contractors, cooks, housekeepers and other household staff may need to conduct a Social Security # search prior to extending an offer of employment.  The reasons for conducting such a search are the same as those for big businesses.  It is important for individuals as well as businesses to avoid any potential tax problems or legal issues that could result if they are found to have hired an illegal immigrant, even without their knowledge.

As the debate about illegal immigration and forged documents continues to grow louder and more contentious, the importance of conducting such Social Security # searches is only likely to grow.  It is vital for those who hire others, whether it be a single nanny or babysitter or a factory floor full of workers, to make sure that everyone they hire holds the right to work and live in the country.  Neglecting this important step could be very costly.


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