Protect Yourself Online – How to Turn Off the Location Services on Facebook

Geolocation services certainly have their place on social media. Those location services make it easy for your friends to find you and catch up with you during the day. Unfortunately, those same services can draw the bad guys right to your door.

If you are about to leave for vacation or go away from home, it makes sense to turn those location services off at least a few days ahead of time. That is because thieves are actively targeted social media – looking for people they know will be out of town and burglarizing their homes.

Turning off the location services on your smartphone is easy to do. Whether you have a iPhone or an Android-based device, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

Use these steps to turn off the location services on your iPhone.

.   Go to Settings

.   Choose Privacy

.   Go to Location Settings

.   Select System Services

.   Scroll down the status bar icon

.   Uncheck each tracking service you want to turn off

The steps for turning off location services on your Android-based device are similar. Just use these steps to stop your smartphone from tracking you.

.   Go to Settings

.   Select Location Services

.   Go to the GPS option and turn it off when you do not need it

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