Is online banking really safe from virus attacks?

Most people are confused at the thought whether online banking is safe from virus attacks. The fact remains that online banking is never safe from virus attacks. Online banking is never a safe option as it may cause virus threats in the form of Ransonware Trojan. Ransonware Trojan hampers the security structure of a personal computer. Though online banking is never a safe bet from virus attacks, yet it is necessary to take into account a few important aspects.

Precautionary Steps

The precautionary steps that are compulsory to take care of are highlighted below:

  • Never Click on a Banking Site Via a Link in an Email
  • Ensure that Email is Legitimate
  • Never Practice online banking from Someone else’s System
  • Keep Usernames and passwords in a Secured Manner
  • Scan a computer system prior starting an Online banking Transaction

Since online banking can cause immense virus attacks, hence it is necessary to evaluate appropriately the security system of a particular computer system. It is necessary to ensure more than one single way of protection. The installed antivirus must have features including intrusion detection, firewall, antivirus and content filtering as well.

Threats Related to Online Banking

Online banking is never a safe option as it involves the possibility of keystroke collection, Phishing and other related activities. Online banking also improves the chance of Phishing frauds. Phishing frauds are intended to hack personal information during online banking including passwords, credit card numbers and bank related information details too. There can be no doubt about the verity that Phishing frauds have witnessed a remarkable growth in the past few months. The rise in the number of Phishing frauds is also responsible for the increased possibility of virus attacks.

Rootkits Poses Great Threat

Online banking can also cause the arrival of Rootkits. Rootkits hold the ability to hide registry edits as well as files/folders. Rootkits also holds the capability to hide various other components of a computer system. A computer system can be affected with a storm virus that is necessarily spread while practicing online banking. Clicking on a particular storm virus link is never recommended as it can cause a system to crash permanently. It is always a wise idea to avail the benefit of antivirus software. It is required to install antivirus software, as there are numerous viruses occurring on a regular basis. Antivirus designed by a well-known organization should always be purchased.

Antivirus purchased from a less renowned company does not provide the facility to update the antivirus on a regular basis. Hence, such a specific type of antivirus is incapable to provide the desired level of security during online banking. Every concerned computer user must protect the personal computer by installing the best-featured virus removal software. The antivirus software that holds the ability to safeguard a particular system against virus attacks is the perfect choice for safeguarding against online threats. Numerous free versions of antivirus are available online and one can always download the free versions of antivirus in order to provide effective protection to the computer systems.

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