How to Get Rid of Popups and Other Adware on Computer

Adware can cause annoying popups and lag on your computer, so you’ll want to remove it as quickly as possible. Here’s how.

1. Remove Browser Extensions

Some adware may be removed from your computer as easily as uninstalling any extensions or toolbars that were added without your permission. Here are the necessary steps to do this in popular browsers.


Press “Ctrl,” “Shift” “A” simultaneously.
Look for any plugins you haven’t added. Click “Remove.”
Repeat this process for all plugins.
Restart your browser when prompted.


Click the menu button with three lines.
Click “Settings.” Select “Extensions”
Click the trash can next to any extension to remove it.

Internet Explorer

Click the settings gear button.
Select “Manage add-ons.”
Select any toolbar from the right pane and select “Remove” or “Disable,” if there is no option to remove.

2. Uninstall Adware from the Control Panel

The following steps will allow you to remove software from the Windows control panel. Not all adware will appear in the installed programs list, however. You should also be careful to only remove programs you’re not using. Look for any foreign program that was installed around the time that your adware problems first appeared.

Press “Windows” key and “F” at the same time.

Type “Control Panel” into the search bar. Make sure it’s set to “Everything.”
Click to open the Control Panel.
Under “Programs,” choose “Remove a Program.” Wait for the list to populate.
Click any program that you recognize as problematic — it may have the same name as a browser toolbar you can’t remove, for example — and choose “Uninstall.” Wait for the uninstall to finish.

3. Run an Antivirus Program

A scan with your trusted antivirus software  might be able to locate and quarantine some files that are problematic. If you’re unsure about which programs to remove, this is the safest best. Most programs allow you to quarantine files without deleting them if you’re worried about removing file you’ll need.

4. Install AntiMalware Software

Using combofix(MS Windows 7/XP/Vista)  or MBAM(MS Windows 7/XP/Vista/8 or 8.1)  to remove adware.MBAM – MalwareBytes AntiMalware is a popular program that will search for and remove adware and other malicious software that you or your antivirus program may have missed. MBAM will perform a scan while your computer is active and will even run during reboot to remove stubborn remnants of adware that cannot be removed via other means. Keep it running in the background to prevent future infections.

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