How to encrypt ZIP, PDF and MS office files

Zip, PDF and MS office files are being used widely for archiving and data compression. Zip files can contain more than one flies and this format permits a multiple numbers of solidity algorithm. PDF on the other hand is file format of open standard, which is being used to exchange files. PDF filers work effectively to represent documents in different operating system, software and hardware. Each flies come with fixed-lay out and relevant information. MS office file format provide technical requirement in detail for the file formats which have been put into practice in a particular MS application. These three types of file formats are being used widely for professional purposes. This is why people are in search of valid encryption method to encrypt these flies and to keep their document and resources safe sand secure. Read ahead to learn all these in detail.

Zip file encryption:

Encrypting a zip file is the most effective way of ensuring the privacy of the files, which you store in Zip file. Zip file encryption is an easy process and here we will discuss what are the steps you should follow to encrypt this file format. You will need XP computer or Vista or can also use MS Windows 7 to encrypt zip file.

  • Go to start button and click it. Then steer the zip files you want to encrypt.
  • Choose the zip file and right click on it. A drop down menu will appear and you have to click the “cut” option. Search for the NTFS partition in the machine and paste the file to store them at your preferable places.
  • Again right click on the file and click the “property” option.
  • Go to the general tab and click on the “advanced” button. Then encrypt content option will appear. You have to connect the “Ok” button.
  • At last, again choose the OK option, select encrypt file and snap the OK button again.

These are the simple steps to follow and you are done with encryption.

PDF encryption:

Adobe Acrobat system is being used widely to encrypt PFD files. As the files contain sensitive information, everybody should know the process of protecting these files using Acrobat:

  • Start with running Acrobat in your machine·
  • Move to menu bar and choose document option.
  • Move to the drop down bar and choose restrict opening and editing option.
  • A new window appears asking for the password.
  • Enter password
  • Click the OK button and wait for password re-check.
  • Click Ctrl &S and save the files.
  • Reopen the file after saving


Your PDF files are now protected.

MS file encryption:

To encrypt MS office flies you can trust the performance of windows XP encrypting system. Here are the simple ways you have to follow to encrypt MS file.

  • Snap on start button, go to all programs, and move to accessories and point to windows explorer.·Navigate the files you want to encrypt, right click on them and move to properties.
  • Go to general tab and click the advanced option.
  • Under encrypt attributes select encrypt content option and end with clicking “Ok”
  • Once again, click on the Ok option. If a check box (encryption warning) appears then you are done.

You don’t have to be technically proficient to run the system, just follow the steps and secure MS office documents from interfering eyes.

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