How to Check on the Status of Your Norton Subscription

A Norton subscription allows you to get free virus definition and program updates for your Norton program. Norton subscriptions are typically purchased for a period of one or three years. You can check the status of your Norton subscription right from your Internet browser.

Purchasing any Norton program, like Norton Antivirus or Norton Internet Security, also requires you to purchase a subscription plan. The subscription allows you to receive constant virus definition and security updates for your software. You are also entitled to bug fixes and other upgrades to the program that are released during the duration of your subscription. You can check on the status of your subscription and see when it expires in just a few short moments using your actual Norton program and an Internet browser.

Step 1

Open any Norton product that you have on your computer. Norton programs like Norton Antivirus, Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security all allow users to check the status of their Norton subscriptions right from the main program window. As all Norton products are laid out in very similar ways, the process for checking your subscription status across all programs is almost identical.

Step 2

Click the menu labeled “Support” in the main screen of your Norton product. On the vast majority of all Norton products this menu will be located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3

Select the option from the menu reading “Check Subscription Status.” A new window will automatically open on screen.

Step 4

Wait a few seconds while your Norton program uses your computer’s Internet connection to check on the status of your Norton subscription. You can track the progress of this process using the window on screen.

Step 5

Look at the bolded letters in the middle of the screen. After the subscription status check is complete, the total days remaining on your subscription will be presented in bold print in the center portion of the window. Once you have the information you need, click the yellow button labeled “Finish” to close the “Subscription” window and return to the main menu of your Norton product.

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