How backdoors viruses infect your system

Today internet is no more a safe mode of online transactions. It is no more safety to provide any of your personal information in online. There are many ways through which people hack your bank account even without reaching near your PC. All this is made possible through backdoor viruses. These are one kind of malicious programs which runs in the system without the user’s knowledge and gives access to your personal information to the hackers when you are connected to the internet. These viruses are designed in such a way which gives remote access to the hackers. These hackers can easily place these viruses into your system if you visit any unauthorised web pages.

Try to the following “Dont’s”

  • Never click on any screen pop ups
  • Do not run connect to internet without updated antivirus installed in your system
  • Never get into any unsecured website
  • Never click any suspicious websites.
  • Do not change the spelling of any website address

Beware of the consequences:

If your computer has the backdoor virus, then the hackers can have a clear view on all your personal information such as online transactions password, your credit card pin code and your bank locker number. These viruses serve as a tool to break your security walls. These are called by various names such as Trojans and many other.

How they enter your PC:

These viruses may be transferred to your system when you visit any unsecured websites. Initially they will pretend to be normal software. But later when they come in contact with the required information, they will change to a backdoor virus. They will be saved as any other normal application until they get their required information from the host system. After a point they will serve as a remote system which allows information transmission.

Steps to clean your infected system from backdoor virus:

If you find out to have any backdoor Trojan virus in your system, you need to immediately take action for getting rid of it. Follow the following steps.

  • Download a latest version of any useful antivirus software in your computer.
  • Also update your operating system immediately.
  • Now disconnect your system from internet connection
  • Run they security program and clean all the infected files.
  • Restart your computer after the entire process.

Even if there is any unwanted documents or any documents with weird names, you can delete them immediately. There are chances of these files to be the backdoor Trojan.

Try to have a healthy PC:

There are many good spyware and malware removal tools available in the internet. You can read their reviews and get the best tools to keep your system a virus free system. For a healthy system it’s always better to keep your system updated with antivirus software. Be cautious in choosing the right malware tool. You can also have two such tools so that one can serve you if the other one is hacked.

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