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The Five Best Security Extensions for Google Chrome

Part of Google Chrome’s reputation for being one of the best browsers on the Internet is the vast number of extensions and plug-ins available to its users. With Internet security constantly being a worry to people it’s hardly surprising that there’s a large number of security focused extensions being created. Read on to find out the five best security extensions for Google Chrome.

Web of Trust (WOT) 

With literally millions of websites on the Internet and thousands more of them being created daily, the chance of coming across one that isn’t safe increases all the time. Web of Trust is a global community in which users rate their experiences with the websites they encounter. Any untrustworthy sites will be labelled as such using a traffic-light rating system, which makes it a great application for peace-of-mind and safer surfing.Add WOT to Chrome

Click and Clean

Click and Clean allows you delete your history with the click of a button. While it may seem like just an extension for people who want to eradicate their porn history, it also scans your computer for malware, cleans up your hard drive and erases temporary files, cookies and caches. Another cool feature is the ability to watch flash videos without being connected to the Internet.Add Click and Clean to Chrome

Last Pass

There are many websites out there that require emails and passwords to login. A lot of people may have different passwords for each of them which can sometimes be a pain to remember. Last Pass takes away that frustration by managing all of your information and creating one universal login and password. You can also use it to store information that you use to fill out forms, making it a great extension for easier and safer browsing.Add Last Pass to Chrome


Your browser may be running plug-ins that are out-of-date. While that may not cause any immediate harm to your computer, over time those plug-ins could develop vulnerabilities that may leave your computer at risk. This handy little extension regularly checks your browser to make sure all of your plug-ins are up-to-date and alerts you if they aren’t.Add Secbrowsing to Chrome


With more and more advertisers targeting the Internet than ever before, constantly having to close each advertisement down can be frustrating. It can also be off-putting when a website is littered with adverts. Adblock takes care of that problem and stops advertisements from appearing on the website you’re surfing or popping up in new tabs. With over 3 million users, Adblock has gained a reputation for being one of the most downloaded extensions in the Google Chrome marketplace.Add Adblok to Chrome

Even when you are just browsing you always run the risk of a security breach thanks to all of the different kinds of viruses, malwares and spywares being created. Because of this, security will always need to be one step ahead. By implementing all or one of these extensions, you can create a safer Internet environment and browse without fear.

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