Does Windows Defender Come With Antivirus Protection In Windows 8?

Microsoft originally introduced Windows Defender in Windows Vista. The program was included with Windows 7, too. For both operating systems, Defender provided antispyware features with real-time protection. Antivirus protection wasn’t included until Microsoft Security Essentials replaced Defender in Windows 7, though. It might confuse users that Windows 8 includes Windows Defender once again. Plus, most users assume they need another antivirus program to protect themselves. Is this actually the case?

Defender For Windows 8 and 8.1

Defender for Windows 8 is an upgraded version of the program found in earlier operating systems. In previous iterations, no antivirus protections were provided to users. They would need to download a separate program for full protection. The Windows 8 version is focused upon total security and comes with antivirus features. Currently, antivirus definitions found in Defender are identical to those from Microsoft Security Essentials. Users receive active and passive protection from all security threats.

Is another antivirus program necessary?

Fortunately, Windows 8 and 8.1 users don’t need to download another antivirus program. Defender is more than capable of protecting a machine from threats. Spyware, malware, and viruses are targeted by the software and eliminated whenever possible. Therefore, a user doesn’t have to worry about installing another program. Most users will find that Defender performs well enough by itself. Few viruses and other malicious programs can get passed Defender with the latest security definitions after all.

Can users run another antivirus program with Defender?

Computer users often prefer certain antivirus programs over Defender, though. It’s common knowledge that running two antivirus programs can sometimes cause problems. For instance, compatibility issues between software crashes the system from time to time. Microsoft designed Windows Defender with compatibility in mind. The program runs smoothly with other popular antivirus programs these days. However, some security software may disable Defender to avoid issues.

If users experience any issues here, then they should disable either Defender or the other antivirus program.

Users Have Options With Defender in Windows 8!

Defender is a large security component for Windows 8 and 8.1 right now. In the end, users shouldn’t worry about the program leaving themselves vulnerable. Microsoft designed a capable antispyware and antivirus program. That doesn’t mean that users can’t install their antivirus software of choice when desired. Typically, users can run these programs alongside each other without compatibility problems. Advanced users might disable Defender nonetheless.

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