Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is effective security software from the house of Comodo that actually works to frustrate all types of hackers. Generally major firewall software can do the job of filtering, blocking, and scanning of ports to make the task of cybercriminlas difficult. However, as operating systems from windows are coming with different forms of firewall, may not all antivirus software will be able to work effectively on those firewalls. Comodo internet security is itself is a kind of firewall that comes with an anti-virus module, which graciously and conventionally allows a user to install one or another or the both.

This antivirus software maintains and gathers a folder of threat signatures to protect users automatically without giving any such alerts. Comodo can monitor threat replies from threatcast community anonymously. It also aggregates the percentage of responses within real time so that a user can benefit from the knowledge of group response trends.

Paid and free version:

Comodo Internet Security 2011 is the free version of Comodo Internet Security. It is a kind of multi-layered security device that offers reasonable protection from all kind of viruses, zero day attacks, hackers, spyware, buffer overflows and Trojans. The software combines potential anti-virus defense and industry level filtering firewall, developed host imposition protection. It is actually a one-stop solution in terms of virus prevention.

Comodo Internet security 2012 is a paid version of Comodo internet security. This stripped-down software includes controls on distant assistance via GreekBuddy experts of Comodo. This antivirus software work with the aim to scan, find and remove all types pf threats. The difference between the paid version and free version of Comodo software is that in free version the GreekBuddy feature is not found.

Pros and cons:

The firewall of Comodo thwarts sophisticated techniques however, even after installing almost 25 million of products in more than 100 countries, this software is still not that well known.

Download Comodo Internet Security Free ,Direct links,(Last updated on February 15, 2012) ,32 & 64-bit Windows 7 , XP SP2,Vista ;Size: 82 MB

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