Using Registry Cleaners in Windows XP,How About in 8/8.1

Registry cleaners are designed to fix registry errors in Windows  systems. Typically, these programs are touted by third-party companies that create them. Owners of these programs will tell users that their machine is in grave danger without a capable registry cleaner. Most users are led to believe that they need these programs. However, users would be surprised to know that registry cleaners aren’t necessary.

The Claims From Registry Cleaners

Every registry cleaner advertises itself as the best solution for registry errors. Likewise, their developers will make Windows 8 users fear life without the program. Such programs identify hundreds or even thousands of registry errors with each scan. Individuals that use these programs often feel great about protecting their machines. Plus, parent companies are more than happy to receive subscription fees from users.

The Truth About Registry Cleaners

As previously mentioned, registry cleaners identify most errors as serious issues. The truth is that most registry errors are harmless. Users only need to worry about errors caused by malware or a virus. Fortunately, an individual will know a threat has compromised a computer because Windows 8 will start acting erratically. Registry errors caused by non-threats will rarely, if ever, make a system run oddly.

DIY Options Can Fix Registry Errors

Few Windows 8 users realize that they can fix registry errors themselves. Currently, Windows 8 and 8.1 come with features that repair the registry. System Restore and Startup Repair can modify the registry to destroy errors. A user can manually backup and restore the registry to a working state. For each solution, users will need a certain level of PC knowledge, but something like System Restore is quite simple.

On the other hand, importing a fixed version of the registry can prove challenging for basic users. An individual should only perform the fixes they feel comfortable with, based upon their computer knowledge. Windows 8 comes with great registry-fixing solutions that most users don’t even know about, though.

Registry Cleaners: Not So Important

On Microsoft’s own website, the company states that the registry in Windows 8 is very much self-regulating and self-repairing. The company doesn’t recommend registry cleaners because they sometimes amount to malware themselves. Windows 8 comes with free solutions to registry error problems that are plaguing a PC in noticeable ways. For that reason, most registry cleaners are 100% unnecessary. Dozens of options are available, but only a fraction of them provide a valuable service.

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